• 23 Jul

    I am doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit

    I receiving a lot of interest in this trip as I was planning it and as I am on the road, so I thought that I’d do a Reddit AMA. Check it out: AMA I am riding from SF to NYC on a Zero DSR electric motorcycle. Ask Me Anything. from motorcycles

  • 18 Jul

    Following Wyman’s Tire Tracks. Update: Ogden Utah

    It’s about a week into the trip and I have ridden from Lotta’s Fountain in San Francisco (the only source of water for the city after the 1906 earthquake), across California’s fertile Central Valley, up and over the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, and across the broad expanse of northern Nevada. Nevada has surprised me most […]

  • 04 Jul

    Q: Who is this man?

    A: George A. Wyman, who in 1903 became the first person to cross the USA on a motorcycle. The motorcycle was a 200cc California, and it’s little more than a bicycle with a small motor attached. Look closely and you can see the pedals and chain! Good thing – Wyman needed to pedal more than […]

  • 30 Jun

    Do you know this man?

    Time for a new adventure! But first, a little history…Do you know this man? If you ride motorcycles, watched Long Way Round and like pointing your bike towards the horizon, you should. This guy is our Ferdinand Magellan, our Charles Lindbergh, our Lewis and our Clarke. This guy is our Homer…and I don’t mean Simpson. […]

  • 05 Jun

    On the Road Again

    Back on the road for my next RoadRUNNER Magazine assignment. This time I’m exploring the Catskills Mountains of New York on a Royal Enfield Continental GT. This is an authentic vintage cafe racer, not some modern day bike with antique lipstick. 500cc of low compression power. Less than 30HP. Top speed of…who cares, it’s so […]

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