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30 Jun

Do you know this man?

Time for a new adventure! But first, a little history…Do you know this man? If you ride motorcycles, watched Long Way Round and like pointing your bike towards the horizon, you should. This guy is our Ferdinand Magellan, our Charles Lindbergh, our Lewis and our Clarke. This guy is our Homer…and I don’t mean Simpson. […]

05 Jun

On the Road Again

Back on the road for my next RoadRUNNER Magazine assignment. This time I’m exploring the Catskills Mountains of New York on a Royal Enfield Continental GT. This is an authentic vintage cafe racer, not some modern day bike with antique lipstick. 500cc of low compression power. Less than 30HP. Top speed of…who cares, it’s so […]

28 May

How many photos can you get from a single Ricoh Theta shot?

Here’s the original 360: I want to ride my #bicycle. I want to ride my #bike. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA And here are the variants: The road ahead The sky is round Me and the road Selfie The sky is round (marble) The road ahead (marble) The world is round Me and […]

22 May

Story in the Round: Running a 5K with the Ricoh Theta M15

My birthday present to myself this year is the Ricoh Theta M15, a unique 360 degree camera. I’m hoping to use it on my motorcycle trips and running adventures. It arrived the same day I was planning to run a local 5k, so I thought that I’d give it a shakedown test… After signing up […]

14 May

The Story of a Photo (AKA Google ≠ Free)

Once upon a time I took a photo of an Aprilia Tuono motorcycle at New York’s famous Hawk’s Nest, a twisty bit of asphalt high above the Delaware River. It ended up being the lede photo in my story for RoadRUNNER Magazine. I also posted it on my Flickr, where it became one of my […]

30 Mar

Been Playing with Watch Faces

So I now have a Sony Smartwatch 3 on my wrist. I bought it to track my runs (with GPS), monitor my heart rate (with a Polar H7 Bluetooth heart rate monitor) and listen to music while I run. After some teething problems it’s working out quite nicely. I’ve also been playing around with the […]

17 Mar

Back from #DaytonaOrBust, Now Time to Write

Just got back from Daytona’s infamous Bike Week, a late winter celebration of two wheels in one of the warmer places in the country. For this trip I had the BMW C650GT scooter, along with a heated jacket and one piece suit from Aerostich. I also had my ever-reliable Boblbee Meg Aero backpack to carry […]

08 Mar

Apple Watch and Revenge of the Skeuomorphs

[photo: Apple] It’s a well known yarn that several years ago Apple was split between those that liked skeuomorphism (Steve Jobs, Scott Forstall, others) and how it made otherwise cool and modern devices warm and relatable to large swaths of the population and those that looked down upon their mid-century modern noses at it and […]

09 Feb

Brought a Knife to a Gun Fight

The ceaseless march of technological progress makes camera gear made just a few years ago seem hopelessly inadequate if you listen to marketing materials and people on camera forums prattling on about which camera/brand is best as if they are talking about sports teams. It’s an odd dichotomy–photographers bristle when people suggest that their photos […]

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