30 Jun

Do you know this man?

Time for a new adventure! But first, a little history…Do you know this man? If you ride motorcycles, watched Long Way Round and like pointing your bike towards the horizon, you should. This guy is our Ferdinand Magellan, our Charles Lindbergh, our Lewis and our Clarke. This guy is our Homer…and I don’t mean Simpson.

In May of 1903 he set off from San Francisco, pointed his 200cc, 1.25 horsepower California motorcycle eastward, and did not stop until he arrived in New York City 50 days later, becoming the first person to cross the United States on a motorcycle. Do you know his name?

Follow along to get the answer and follow my next adventure as I follow his tire tracks for RoadRUNNER Magazine.

Photo: Posing for camera just outside New York City in 1903, for Bicycling World. For a guy that just crossed the continent, he looks quite relaxed, dontcha’ think?

Copyright 2016, John M Flores. Please don't steal. It's not nice.

Copyright 2016, John M Flores.