ESCAPE: NYC to Northampton

  • "Faster," she whispers in my ear. 
Startled, I roll off the throttle. "Faster," she says again. 
Confused, I check my three, my six, and my nine. 
Nothing. Am I hearing things? 
There is no “she” with me. 
I am alone, on my motorcycle. "Faster..." she says a third time, her throaty exhortation tailing off to an implied "or else!"
A little spooked, I accelerate hard and try to outrun the strange disembodied voice, riding a wave a torque as I rocket out of the city on the first rays of a new day. "Yes. Yes! YES!" she responds. 
The New York City skyline gets smaller in my mirrors.
  • BMW Owner News, Nov 2014
  • Available for the iPad and Kindle
  • New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts
  • BMW rNineT

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Copyright 2016, John M Flores.