In the Tire Tracks of a Pioneer: Lonesome Wyoming

  • East of Ogden, the sharp, rocky 9,000-foot peaks of the Wasatch Range look impenetrable, but the Weber River has patiently carved a canyon on its way to the Great Salt Lake. Like the pioneers before him, this is Wyman’s route eastward, and it’s my route too, along I-84.
  • “It is a beautiful country, and the scenes shift from wild and rugged natural grandeurs in the narrow parts of the canyon to pastoral loveliness in the places where the mountain pass broadens and the small but fertile and splendidly kept farms of Mormon settlers are found here and there where the sides slopes to the river.” George A. Wyman
  • In May 1903, George A. Wyman left San Francisco with the then crazy idea of riding his motorcycle all the way to New York City. More than 100 years later, I’m retracing his steps on an electric motorcycle. The journey continues across Wyoming.
  • RoadRUNNER Magazine, February 2018
  • 2016 Zero DSR electric motorcycle
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Copyright 2018, John M Flores.